Gourmet Cakes

Red Velvet Cake
3 Layers                                               
Large Cross Shape                                
Large Heart Shape  (seasonal)                            
Small Heart Shape  (seasonal)  
1/4 (Quarter) Sheet Cake  
Mini Loaves

Pound Cakes
Lemon or Vanilla Glaze
Cream Cheese
Vanilla Wafer   

Chocolate Cakes
3 Layers
Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing 

Coconut Cake
3 Layers                                                  

Key Lime Cake
3 Layers                                                 

Cakes for every occassion.  Custom Cakes Available. 
Contact MsRedVelvet@CakesByCC.com or 407-719-6813 for Pricing.